Change history

1.0.2 - 2018/02/10


Fix some minor issues with the the ‘prettystr’ routine:

  • Ensure return of a string type in Python3 (was bytes).
  • Fix printing of whole packet (#6, with thanks to @henrilouvin).

1.0.1 - 2016/11/28


Minor bugfix - bring back importing of deprecated ‘pull_astro_coords’ function into the package-root namespace.

1.0.0 - 2016/11/28

API Changes

Some routines have been renamed, with the old aliases preserved for backwards compatibility for now:

  • add_where_when now has an extra boolean parameter, ‘allow_tz_naive_datetime’ which defaults to False - so by default you must supply a timezone-aware datetime (this should help to avoid mistakenly supplying a timezone-naive datetime which is non-UTC).
  • Citation is now deprecated in favour of the alias EventIvorn.
  • pull_isotime is now deprecated in favour of the alias get_event_time_as_utc.
  • pull_astro_coords is now deprecated in favour of the alias get_event_position.
  • pull_params is now deprecated in favour of the improved replacement functions get_grouped_params and get_toplevel_params. Separating this functionality into two routines ensures return of datastructures with sensible nesting-depth (i.e. toplevel[ParamName][AttrName] or grouped[GroupName][ParamName][AttrName]), and avoids problems with GroupNames clashing with top-level ParamNames, etc. The returned datastructures are of type orderedmultidict.omdict, which provides robust handling of duplicated names.


Documentation now includes tutorial material which was previously hosted in a separate GitHub repo.


Fix a regression from 0.9.8: Switching from from iso8601 library to astropy for ISO-format timestamp parsing introduced a failure case, as astropy does not parse timestamps with the ‘+0’ timezone-signifier suffix. Timestamps of this style are now parsed correctly. In addition, add_where_when will now generate ISO-format timestamps that do not include the suffix (since strictly speaking the VOEvent standard specifies the UTC timezone - or something altogether non-terrestial, e.g. TDB - already).

General refactoring

Library code now resides under /src, which provides more reliable testing cf,

0.9.8 - 2016/11/09

Enhancement to pull_isotime convenience function: Add support for conversion of event-timestamps to UTC from the TDB (Barycentric Dynamical Time) format. This is now in use ‘in the wild’ for the GAIA VOEvent stream. (Support for remaining VOEvent timescales ‘GPS’ and ‘TT’ has been considered but needs a motivating use-case, see ) NB this functionality introduces a dependence on Astropy>=1.2. (While this seems a little like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, it’s likely to be a useful library for anyone handling VOEvents anyway, and barycentric time correction codes are hard to find).

0.9.7 - 2016/10/31

Identical to 0.96, fixes a packaging issue most likely due to temporary files / dev installation confusing the packager.

0.9.6 - 2016/10/31

Minor bugfix to pull_params: Don’t bork on missing Param name. However, note that if multiple Params are present without a name attribute then this convenience routine doesn’t really make sense - see warning in docs.

0.9.5 - 2016/05/03

Switch to versioneer for version numbering / release tagging. CF